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RNA splicing is an essential step of RNA processing for multi-exon genes, in which introns are removed from a newly synthesized precursor RNA producing mature RNAs containing splice junctions. RJunBase is a database for three kinds of RNA splice junctions derived from RNA-seq datasets of different normal and cancerous tissues.

RJunBase features the visualization of the splicing pattern at gene level and the expression profile at junction level, as well as the demonstration of novel and tumor-specific junctions.

RJunBase aims to collect and characterize all RNA splice junctions of human cells. Detection of splice junctions will not only contribute to the characterization of transcript structures but also help to understand cellular and disease phenotypes. RJunBase will aid researchers to decipher tumor heterogeneity at junction level and trigger new splicing-associated target discovery.

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  • RJunBase is online. [June 2020]
  • RJunBase is published in Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research. [Nov 2020] [Full Text]